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German Fest at Blackjack Mountain – February 11, 2017

Blackjack Ski Resort - German Fest
11am-7pm  Hammerschlagen     Hammerschlagen is a German game reportedly dating from 1940, in which several contestants try to hammer a nail into a stump. Challenge your friends to a game in Logger’s Lounge!  (Adults only, 21 yrs & older)

11am-6pm Beer tasting     10 German samples for $20 and a complimentary Big Snow sample glass. Back bar in Logger’s Lounge!

11am-3pm German food    Located in Logger’s Lounge restaurant!   11am-4pm beer brats. Served in cafeteria!

3pm- 5pm Krug stemmen  Krug stemmen is a Bavarian feat of strength and endurance where contestantshold two glass pitchers filled with water (which weighs about 5 pounds) out in front of them at shoulder level for as long as they can. No water can be spilled, no elbows can be bent, and extended arms must be kept parallel to the ground. The winner is the person who can keep their pitcher aloft the longest.

5pm Costume Contest  Lace up your Dirndl and pull on your Lederhosen or Plattlerhosen…. contest judging in Logger’s Lounge on the dance floor! Prizes awarded to best female & male adult!


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Snowfest Weekend – Big Snow Resort – February 17 – 19, 2017

Snow Castle Building, Bonfires, and Night Snowshoe Adventure – Saturday night 7pm (Sign up for the snowshoe by 3pm at Blackjack Mountain front desk)

Saturday – Ice Bar located under Blackjack Resort, serving Ice Cold Beer, Ice Luge Shots & Grilled Burgers & Brats!

Saturday – Yeti Races (formally known as the penguin races) – 1pm Children’s Race (18 & under)/ Adult race 2pm!

Sign up by 12pm Blackjack Mountain, front desk


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