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Miner’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race – July 23 – 24, 2016

Miner's Revenge Mountain Bike Race
The Miners Revenge takes you deep into the mountain and through the pits of ancient miners who spent their lives chasing the red metal. Some say the men who died still live in the mine protecting their claim, we can’t say that’s true but we can say that anything can happen when you are 300 feet below the surface and there’s nobody to hear you scream.

Miners Revenge, they were chasing a dream of riches in the form of silver and copper, you are being chased, and we have just one question, who’s afraid of the dark?

Saturday July 23rdth, 2016; DH race starts at 12pm Noon and goes until all racers have completed two runs. Runs are shuttled and pre-rides will be allowed any time before the race.

Cross country race starts at 5 pm for the long race (expert) and 5:10 pm for the short race (sport). Preride for the XC course will be Friday night and anytime Saturday that doesn’t interfere with the DH race. The underground portion of the course will only be open Friday night, Saturday before 9am and from 3-4:30 pm before the race start.

Enduro race is Sunday July 24th at 10a.m.


Expert Men 4 laps/24miles
Expert Women: 3 laps/18 miles
Sport Men: 2 laps/12miles
Sport Women: 2 laps/12miles
Juniors (17 and under): 2 laps/12miles
DH race is 2 shuttled runs
Sport Women Enduro: 3 Stage
Sport Men Enduro: 3 Stage
Expert Women Enduro: 4 Stage
Expert Men Enduro: 4 Stage


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