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Grand Hotel – Early Opening – April 26 – May 2, 2019

Grand Hotel - Early Opening

This Early Opening Package is a perfect opportunity to experience Grand Hotel before the official opening of the season. Enjoy accommodations in one of 397 uniquely decorated guest rooms, morning breakfast basket or continental breakfast option and a behind the scenes tour offered daily by Grand Hotel Historian and Concierge, Bob Tagatz. Lunch and dinner will be available at The Gate House at the bottom of Grand Hill. Luncheon and dinner are not included in the package price.

Package Includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Morning breakfast basket
  • Lunch and dinner will be available for purchase at The Gate House
  • Behind-the-scenes tour offered daily
  • No tipping within Grand Hotel
  • Special ferry boat discounts

*Subject to Michigan 6% sales tax, and 2% Mackinac Island assessment and a $8.50 per person baggage handling charge. Regular children’s rates apply. Dates subject to availability

Early Opening

Arrive: Friday, April 26, 2019
Depart: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Package Price:

$229 per room, per night, up to 4 persons in a room


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Thursday April 25th, 2019 - 11:52 am

Grand Hotel

Throwback Thursday to Grand Hotel in 1947 and these strapping young lads. ... See MoreSee Less

Throwback Thursday to Grand Hotel in 1947 and these strapping young lads.


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They still dress well at the Grand Hotel🗽🇱🇷🤗

Wonder if any are still around and or their families to tell about their stay, where they were from Etc..

Assuming they are still with us, anyone in that photo should be treated to a complimentary weekend at Grand Hotel.

I'm sure Detective Reilly is there somewhere. Of course he's only a year old so look for a stroller or pram.

Love it

You know what is the greatest thing about Grand Hotel? They still dress like this!!!

Looking spiffy!

See you Saturday 😊

Wow this is cool! I love old photos!!

Wonder where they are now

I love the full baggy slacks.

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Wednesday April 24th, 2019 - 10:12 am

Grand Hotel

❤️🦌❤️We have to get all our restaurants ready for Opening too! Here’s Rudy Saunders hanging the lights on the antler chandeliers at Woods Restaurant! @rudytheprep 🦌❤️ ... See MoreSee Less



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Red solo cups???? Saving on lighting....

Take the carriage ride up for a great culinary experience... then you can ride back to the hotel for some easy listening and dancing!


May 22 will soon be here and we will be at Grand Hotel!

Love the Woods....sorry it won’t be open when we are there for Mother’s Day. Perhaps another visit this season is in order!

Love this place!

Move the ladder closer. Hang on. Be safe. See you soon!

Fabulous restaurant.

Love the Woods!

Rudy - be safe!

Such a cool place.

Had the BEST dinner there on my honeymoon last summer! Can't wait to be there again this year!!

Love, love, love Woods 💕.

Love this place!

I love eating at The Woods. It is the most charming & intimate atmosphere. 💗

See you there!🍀😇❤️💚

Beautiful! My late mother-in-law loved the Woods. <3

I clicked on the page. I see it isn’t open TIL the 24th.

Is this yours too???


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Monday April 22nd, 2019 - 10:55 am

Grand Hotel

We’re enjoying watching the installation of these bright new wallpapers for the 2019 Cupola Suites! @carletonvarney @dorothydraperco @ Grand Hotel ... See MoreSee Less


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Why not a Michigan based wallpaper company like Detroit Wallpaper or Studio Motif Co.?

Beautiful but I see a major wrinkle

To each his or her own. To me, the genius of Carleton Varney is an integral part of the Grand Hotel’s charm. Nothing fuddy-duddy about the Grand! 🥰

I know what ever painting and fixing up you do, it will look amazing. Every room has that special touch that you can't find anywhere else. Your guest will be arriving soon, keep up the good work . Looking forward to seeing you in a few months.

Absolutely stunning. Grand.. you definitely impressed my hubby and I when we celebrated our 25th in 2017.

Looking good!

Beautiful!!! I'll be there Friday, hopefully I will get a peek at these while I am there.


Would these colors been used during the period the Grand was built????


I get more and more excited for our stay there in May. Love seeing these beautiful new suites being designed. Keep us posted as they progress! They have the charm and quirkiness of the Grand design with a bit of modern flair. I like it!!

I'd feel on top of the world (literally) staying in a Cupola Suite this summer! Hoping & praying I get to return to the Grand Hotel this year!

A feast for the eyes! Literally!! Blessings on your upcoming season!!!

I love all the colors! <3

Like the new colors/designs.

Returning for five days at the grand in June , each area is spectacular no matter where you are, be adventurous, and live it all!!!!

So great!!



When I go on vacation I want to relax and there isn’t anything relaxing about these wallpapers,they are overly bright and gaudy.

Those are simply gorgeous, rich colors. Love them!

The last two photos seem more in trend with the other rooms in the hotel.

Those colors look beautiful and make every room have its own unique style. See you in 17 Days.

Will be stunningly beautiful when done! <3


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Friday April 19th, 2019 - 10:42 am

Grand Hotel

It’s Grand Family Fun Friday! Here’s a great memory in the tea garden with Peat & Moss in the background. Share your family memories at Grand Hotel with #GrandFamilyFun and we’ll share your photo! 👏❤️📷 ... See MoreSee Less

It’s Grand Family Fun Friday! Here’s a great memory in the tea garden with Peat & Moss in the background. Share your family memories at Grand Hotel with #GrandFamilyFun and we’ll share your photo! 👏❤️📷


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We loved our stay at the Grand Hotel!

My niece and I had the “grandest” time at this magnificent resort last May❤️!!

Grand friends at The Grand Hotel, We will see you again soon!!

We love the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island!😁

A dad and his 3 daughters chilling on the bench at the fountain (2012) ❤️

I love to explore all the beautiful plantings, even the hidden ones!💕


You guys are so fortunate <3

Love the picture of the baby !!!

Love it! Mackinac is one of my favorite places in the world⚓⛵🐎🌼🌷💖

Troop 75722 with the moms





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